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National housing strategy a way to change face of neighbourhoods

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently unveiled details of the federal government’s national housing strategy, a 10-year, $40-billion initiative that will look to collaborate with provinces and municipalities in developing programs that target homelessness and improve access to affordable housing for Canadians in need.

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National housing strategy fails to go deep enough on root of ills

As Canada reviews its current housing crisis, it will be necessary for us to go back to the basics. We need to answer the question of what housing is supposed to achieve and whether as a nation we place priority on it as a home, or as a source of wealth and speculative investment.

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Can a National Housing Strategy Prevent Homelessness in Canada?

On Nov. 22, the federal government released their long-awaited National Housing Strategy (NHS), marking a return of federal leadership to the housing sector after a four-decade absence. The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness welcomes the strategy, including its critical investment in the affordable housing and leadership in articulating a right to housing for all Canadians.

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850 people waiting for social housing in district

Steve Seaman considers himself lucky to live at the Castlegreen Housing Co-operative. “I think anybody that gets into a co-op is lucky,” said Seaman. “It is really affordable housing and it’s a community within a community.”

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Tens of thousands of co-op members are still in danger of losing their affordable co-op homes. But there is real hope for a solution now. We need to make sure that happens.
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Co-op members are still in danger of losing their affordable homes. But there is real hope for a solution now. Send a message asking your MP for early action to protect affordable co-op housing.
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