Lloyd: Native Inter-tribal Housing Co-operative, London

LloydOperating Agreement expired January 2014

Lloyd is a retired electrician. He and his wife were two of Native Inter-tribal’s original founding members. They have lived in the co-op 32 years. The agreement that provided Lloyd’s subsidy expired in 2014. Native Inter-tribal sold four units, and offered internal subsidies to the affected members. Lloyd is frustrated that after all their initial hard work and the invested government funds: “to see it all go, for such a small amount of money?”

As of July, 2015 the co-op can no longer provide internal subsidies. Lloyd’s housing charge will double, taking half of the family’s fixed income. They are not sure they can make it work. They will give up internet and cable, but he hopes he won’t have to sell his car since he attends numerous medical appointments. After three decades of volunteering and community-building, Lloyd does not want to move: “Once I had been here 20 years, I said if I ever leave here they’ll be dragging me!” Lloyd recently received an Award of Distinction from the school board for his community work.

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