Can Canada think big on housing again?

Two weeks ago the federal government launched their National Housing Strategy and the prime minister said housing is a human right. Long awaited in the GTA and cities across Canada experiencing an acute housing crisis, critics say it doesn’t go far enough and doesn’t build very much new affordable housing. While this new initiative might be a good first step, there was a time in the recent past when Canada boldly created new housing.

Can a National Housing Strategy Prevent Homelessness in Canada?

On Nov. 22, the federal government released their long-awaited National Housing Strategy (NHS), marking a return of federal leadership to the housing sector after a four-decade absence. The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness welcomes the strategy, including its critical investment in the affordable housing and leadership in articulating a right to housing for all Canadians.

OUR VIEW: Co-ops are common sense housing solutions

Co-op housing makes an incredible amount of common sense today. We need more of it, not less of it.
In fact, we hope all three levels of government will step up and work toward creating more co-op housing. Co-op housing is about community, not investment speculation. And we’re always better off with people who want to create communities in our city.

Burnaby co-op residents worry about the future

A Burnaby housing co-operative is unsure what the future holds for its subsidized residents. Some funding agreements between the federal government and co-ops across the country are scheduled to end next March, including one at Post 83 Co-Op on Mayberry Street, where 45 low-income households rely on subsidies to pay the rent.