About CHF Canada

The co‑operative housing movement consists of housing co‑operatives, whether occupied or under development, the people who live and work in them, and the organizations and individuals that support and serve them.

CHF Canada is the nation-wide umbrella organization for co‑op housing and Canada’s link with co‑op housing around the world.

As spelled out in our mission and values, we exist to unite, represent and serve the co‑op housing community across Canada.

In support of our mission, mandate and values, CHF Canada establishes three-year strategic plans, from which we develop annual operating priorities that meet the present and future needs of our members.

Our annual meeting draws co‑op members to a different Canadian city each year. Here, delegates of our members from all across Canada meet to learn, debate, elect board members and socialize.

Our staff are located in offices in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Halifax.

Our Winnipeg office plays a special role in delivering services to member housing co‑ops in Manitoba.

Our international work is carried out through Rooftops Canada Foundation, an international development organization founded and supported by CHF Canada and its members, and through our active involvement in Co‑operative Housing International, the housing sectoral organization of the International Co‑operative Alliance.

Here’s how to join CHF Canada.

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