National Housing Strategy

On National Housing Day 2017, the National Housing Strategy was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Responsible for CMHC Jean-Yves Duclos.

After a decade of work by CHF Canada and housing co-ops across the country, we can breathe a little easier knowing that 20,000 low-income households have a home for years to come.

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The Issue

Over 20,000 low-income households living in co-operative housing across the country are in danger of losing their affordable homes as federal funding agreements come to an end. Learn more.


Since the last federal election, we have reached important milestones in the campaign to protect co-op housing. Learn more.

Co-op Housing 101

Housing co-ops make a unique and valuable contribution to affordable housing in Canada. There are over 2,100 housing co-ops across the country with more than 91,000 homes providing housing to approximately 250,000 Canadians. So what makes these communities so special?

Co-op Stories

Check out the stories from co-op members across the country:

Lloyd: Native Inter-tribal Housing Co-operative, London

Lloyd is a retired electrician. He and his wife were two of Native Inter-tribal’s original founding members. They have lived in the co-op 32 years. The agreement that provided Lloyd’s subsidy expired in 2014. Native Inter-tribal sold four units, and offered internal subsidies to the affected members. Lloyd is frustrated that after all their initial hard work and the invested government funds: “to see it all go, for such a small amount of money?”

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Your Story Matters!

Here’s your chance to share your experiences with co-op housing. Tell us how living in co-op has made a difference for you – or share a great story about an experience in your co-op. You can do it with words, photos, video – or any combination of all three. When you have something to share, just send it to us.

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Over 280 co-ops and stakeholders have passed resolutions urging governments to create a new rent supplement program.

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